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We’re number one

Tennessee: Most corrupt state.

16 Responses to “We’re number one”

  1. Nick Says:

    Either that, or our corrupt public figures are just dumber and get caught more often.

  2. wizardpc Says:

    Well, we do have to have the FBI come and clean out our legislature for us every twenty years or so.

  3. Rustmeister Says:

    No way we’re more corrupt than Louisiana. They musta paid somebody off….

  4. Tam Says:

    In a world with Illinois and Louisiana, that’s going some.

  5. Bram Says:

    Bah. This is just a list of where politicians are so rookie with their corruption that they actually get caught and prosecuted. In NY, MA, and NJ corruption isn’t really illegal, just sorta frowned upon.

  6. Anon Says:

    … well, sure, but only because DC’s public corruption and incompetence means the other stuff never gets prosecuted here.

  7. paulingpoint Says:

    I’m confused…
    #1 Tennessee has 50 Total Convictions
    #42 Alaska has 169 Total Convictions
    #51 New Hampshire has 196 total Convictions

    I think Tennessee is the LEAST corrupt state!

  8. Matt Groom Says:

    I also think the list is backwards. Tennessee is the LEAST corrupt state. There’s no way in hell that Illinois is the 47th least corrupt state.

  9. Stranger Says:

    I doubt it. Look at the source.


  10. JKB Says:

    Remember to have a conviction you need an investigation and an AUSA who will prosecute. Or for local corruption a DA who will authorize the investigation. In more advance locales, the corruption is so thorough that going by convictions will give the impression of lawfulness.

    This is a bit like going into a restaurant, seeing all the staff scrubbing the place down and thinking that the place must be filthy but going down the street, seeing the staff sitting around and assuming that means the kitchen is sparkling clean.

  11. Joe P. Says:

    the numbers cited aren’t for convictions – it’s the ranking nationally of each state for each of the criteria, so the lower the number, the greater the ‘corruption’, according to the study.

  12. treefroggy Says:

    No you don’t. You simply have the optimum combination of corrupt and stupid.

  13. Larry Correia Says:

    The Daily Beast is smoking crack with that list. Utah is #33 and Illinois is #47? Illinois is less corrupt than Utah? Illi-friggin’-nois, which has sent 7 governors to jail? Home of Chicago? Really? I didn’t even think we had an ACORN office here.

  14. John Smith Says:

    They seem to be basing the corruption levels on the square mileage of the states. If tennessee was alaska’s size maintaining its current level of corruption then the number would be 750.

  15. John Smith Says:

    Or a simpler reference is corruption per square mile.

  16. John Smith Says:

    The ratio of corruption in alaska to square mileage is 1 to 4043. The corruption in tennessee is 1 to 843. See the difference now.

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