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Like you and me, only better

Can’t make this stuff up:

Craig Lancaster wanted to prove that Chicago Police officers are treated the same as others when they break the law, Cook County prosecutors said.

So in a drunken argument with a friend last summer, prosecutors said, the 41-year-old veteran officer shot a gun in the air outside an Ashburn bowling alley where he also worked security — and waited.

He was acquitted.

2 Responses to “Like you and me, only better”

  1. A Horse Thief Says:

    I want to know what kind of gun he was carrying. Two shots and the thing jams?

  2. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Bet it was part of the Glock “Safe Action”, when you’re so drunk your knees are weak, so are your wrists, and a stovepipe takes the misused gun offline!

    Its not a flaw, its a FEATURE! ; ]