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Do it again, only harder

Tennessee had an illegal drug tax. The TN supreme court actually ruled that it was unconstitutional, thereby making it live up to its name.

But that doesn’t stop our legislators from doing the same stupid thing again. Only this time, they mean it, I guess. This time, however, the bill taxes those who peddle, distribute and sell. And doesn’t merely tax possession. I guess it is an improvement, as far as inherently bad laws go.

Here’s the bill.

4 Responses to “Do it again, only harder”

  1. dustydog Says:

    My understanding is that the actual purpose of the law is to allow for collection of information and seizing of funds and documents that would otherwise be impermissable, although I’m not sure exactly what.

    It would be nice to see an industrious legistlator sneak an amendment in, to delete the exemption for those ‘authorized to possess’ illegal drugs. Tax the local PD for having drugs in the evidence locker.

  2. Stan Says:

    At what point does the state Supreme Court just start bitch smacking the legislature?

  3. Paul Says:

    Aw comeone, just give a life sentence (real life sentence) to ANYONE who distributes and sells. And ANYONE in posession gets a 30 year sentence, non parolable, non probatable.

    And set up special drug courts to hear just these cases.

    You can take away all their money, but considering how much they make and hide, I doubt it will do anything. But you can take away their freedom for so long they won’t be a threat… ever.

  4. RML Says:

    Remember that the federales got Al Capone not for his various types of bad guyism, but for tax evasion.