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Speaking of the bomber’s gun

The paper of making up the record:

It is fearsome looking, a carbine hybrid of a pistol and a long gun with a mouthful of a name: the Kel-Tec Sub Rifle 2000. Mr. Shahzad bought it, new, in March for about $400. It was found in the Isuzu Trooper that he drove to Kennedy International Airport on Monday, loaded, with multiple extra clips.

Granted, it’s not for a novel, but maybe you could get some gun writing advice from Larry.

11 Responses to “Speaking of the bomber’s gun”

  1. Wolfwood Says:

    1. I thought one of the definitions of a carbine was that it’s a rifle that shoots pistol rounds.

    2. $400? Dude needs to shop around better.

    3. Sub-2000 takes clips? Now what am I going to do with these Glock mags?

  2. ericire12 Says:

    I had no idea he was driving an Isuzu Trooper…. we should ban them…. NO…. we should ban SUVs. They are so big an menacing and they have such fearsome names like “Trooper” and “Four Runner” and “CRV”….

    This dude drives a car bomb into Times Square and everyone wants to ban guns. makes a lot of sense doesnt it.

  3. jdstuf Says:

    When gun dealers run background checks, should F.B.I. agents have the authority to block sales of guns and explosives to those on the terror watch lists and deemed too dangerous to fly? the mayor [Michael Bloomberg] asked. I believe strongly that they should.

    Well, at least he came straight out and admitted that his goal is to deny anyone he sees as a “threat” their 2A rights, without due process.

  4. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Sounds like he took advantage of the Pistol Carbine Loophole:

    “Kel-Tec was about as close as one could get to a pistol that is not technically one.”

    We should buy these writers some coloring books for Christmas!

  5. randy Says:

    “Granted, its not for a novel…”

    Still a work of fiction however.

  6. Kirk Parker Says:

    OK, I guess if by “fearsome” they mean “silly”, then yeah.

    (I’m *not* saying I wouldn’t take one if somebody gave it to me, not at all–just that I might want to wear a bag over my head at the range when shooting it…)

  7. Paul Says:

    So he had a Sub-2000. Big deal. It IS a rifle. It cannot fire unless you unfold it to rifle length.

    But it’s, horrors, an ‘assault rifle’ (except it isn’t.)

    But we have better look out. One day the Muslim Terrorist (yes Muslim nutjobs, just like the IRA were full of Catholic nutjobs and the Protestant paramilitary factions were, yes, Protestant nutjobs) are going to do this right and get a bomb to go off.

    And I don’t think it will be in just Times Square. They might try it in any big city.

  8. Rabbit Says:


    If only Oliver Winchester had never been born, nobody would have come up with the devious plan of making rifles in pistol calibers!

  9. Mikee Says:

    When the Mumbai attacks took place, with full auto AK’s, a photographer on scene noted the lack of return fire from the police who had 10-shot Lee-Enfields. A more accurate rifle, with a more potent round, was available but was not used, either because of lack of training, ammunition, or volition.

    What would the NY Time’s story be like if the SUV bomber had felt trapped at the airport, and decided to enter the main terminal shooting his silly folding carbine, on his way to paradise?

    Such a mass murder will happen (again) sooner or later, so we better be ready for some even more severe PSH over firearms. It is obvious the NY Times has its anti-gun story template for that event all ready to go.

  10. Lyle Says:

    FWIW; I keep multiple extra clips for the AR, even though I have plenty of magazines. I don’t see any problem there. Sooner or later you have to load magazines, and loading them from clips is a tad faster.

  11. Jerry Says:

    Well, shit. I did want an M-1, now I wan’t one of these.