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Guns in restaurants 2.0

Passed and headed to the governor. But it may not get passed in time:

The bill has passed but if the they slow walk the bill to the governor and then the governor holds out for for as long as he can and then veto’s the legislation we probably would not be present to over ride his veto.

I dunno. Maybe Bredesen will not break his promise a second time? I doubt it. And we also have the lawsuit over the original bill in play. And most folks are confident we’ll win that one once it’s in front of a judge who does not have a mental handicap.

2 Responses to “Guns in restaurants 2.0”

  1. Ron W Says:

    Even the anti-self defense rights Tennesean in the article re: the passage of this bill called it “veto-proof” and admitted that “the bill will likely become law”. If a bill passes with what is a 2/3 majority in both the Senate and House, does that automatically nullify a veto by the Govenor which otherwise can be cancelled with a simple majority re-vote?

  2. Linoge Says:

    Unfortunately, in Tennessee, the veto vote has to take place, and sometimes even has different people voting for/against it.

    In this case, if the legislature drags its feet in getting the bill to the gov, and if the gov drags his feet in vetoing it, and if the legislature again drags its feet in overriding it, we will end up being out-of-term, and the veto stands.

    And our legislature has done stupid-assed crap like that in the past.