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It works against them.

Also, kinda funny, but after the all-out Brady assault, Starbucks sales up 7%. Heh.

ETA: Turns out, Starbucks sales are actually down. They spun it as “comparable store” sales even though overall sales were down. But they had closed quite a few stores. Their total US revenue for QE 12/09 was $1,934.9M. For March 10, it was $1,820.1M. That is not a 7% increase in sales.

Via Bitter.

2 Responses to “Hysteria”

  1. Dixie Says:

    I can hear the ad departments of pretty much every single major retailer starting up a pro-gun ad campaign…

  2. Sailorcurt Says:

    Maybe I’m just being pig-headed, but I still think it’s an indicator on the plus side for us.

    The economy is down, driving Starbucks to close stores. The decisions to close those stores didn’t happen in the few months that this open carry controversy has been going on.

    The “Same store sales” being up is most likely a reflection of the patrons of the closed stores changing to the stores that are still open, but it also indicates that the gun issue isn’t having a significant impact.

    There may be too much noise in the signal to draw a firm conclusion for our side, but the same can be said of the effort to hurt Starbuck’s business as well.

    At any rate, that was a good catch by Bitter.

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