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NRA and web design

I agree. The NRA’s webpage is an abomination. Hard to navigate, weak google-fu, and you can’t link up info that you want. Fire everybody and pay someone $20 to install wordpress. You and your readers will be happier. People want info not flashy pretty things. It’s classic page is OK, I guess. NRA-ILA’s page is much better. Because I can use it.

3 Responses to “NRA and web design”

  1. tom s Says:

    I always thought their site was un-navigable in order to defeat Helmke-bots

  2. mariner Says:

    My experience is that the bozos who work there are no better than their web designers.

    Buncha idiot jackasses.

  3. John Smith Says:

    Yeah the nra is one of those fight if we can win with no casualties and the people still think were cool organizations.