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In your pocket

A firearm focused multi-tool from Leatherman.

6 Responses to “In your pocket”

  1. chris Says:

    FWIW, Leatherman supported John Kerry in 2004.

  2. Armageddon Rex Says:

    And my local firefighters union is supporting Jerry Brown for KKKalifornia governor. That’s what unions do, they betray their members and the general public by sucking Democrat schlong with big campaign donations. The union apparatchiks know where their bread is buttered.

    Public employee unions should be illegal!

    Politics aside, I want one of these new toys!

  3. DirtCrashr Says:

    Jerry Brown was the one who unionized the damn CA Public Employees! But he’s still better than Meg Whitman on guns.
    I like the Samson AR tool that fits in the grip, it has a feed-lip tool, a front sight tool and a broken shell extractor. Who knows what size hex-head screws are on the scope? They’re different from the ones on the flashlight mount.

  4. Diomed Says:

    Is this the Leatherman that’s owned by the guy that doesn’t like gun nuts and is all up in ATF’s jockstrap?

    Or am I thinking of another multitool maker?

  5. YJ Says:

    I work low voltage and the eod look great.
    Pricey as shit but great.
    & thanks for the info on “jerry brown”
    Very useful.

  6. Chris Byrne Says:

    Tim Leatherman is anti-gun, anti-hunter, VERY anti NRA; and is a personal supporter of

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