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And then, there were seven

Alabama added to the list of states that signed on to the Firearms Freedom Act lawsuit.

3 Responses to “And then, there were seven”

  1. oldsmobile98 Says:

    I’m so confused.

    1. So it was originally Montana, and then seven other states piled on, right? For a total of eight?

    2. There is more here:

    3. The article I linked to above says:

    Because of the growing interest in the case, the court decided Monday to give people joining the case until the end of next week to file arguments. The federal government was given until May 18 to respond.

    4. If more states can join, Unc, we ought to see if we can get TN on that list.

  2. tjbbpgobIII Says:

    I, at least am glad Alabama is signing on to something. I would like to get people interested in Vermont style carry or at the least shall issue, but no one wants to listen. so far the only candidate I have e-mailed on these issues is Greg Reed who is running for state senator in my district. He contacted me or rather he mailed me a flyer and I sent him an e-mail. He hinted at being a gun owner and hunter all of which I imagine are true, but once I sent him Codrea’s 10 questions I heard no more from him. So there goes that vote.

  3. tjbbpgobIII Says:

    Oh, one more thing, I think Alabama is going to join the suit over health care too.