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A look at states with the most and least gun sales.

6 Responses to “geography”

  1. Chris frok AK Says:

    Article seems a little biased…. And also often seems to confuse “Gun Crime” with “Gun purchases!”

    I was surprised to see FL at #10 for “least purchases.”

    I was also disappointed to see that we only come in at #6. 🙁

  2. ZerCool Says:

    Yes, #3 least baby! … 1.0/100 residents here in sunny NY.

    Of course, that ignores the fact that in the major population center (8.5M/19.5M) handguns are de-facto banned and long guns are 100% permitted and registered. Now if we could only hack off that 305 square miles (of 54,000+) and the 8 million people thereon…

    Us Upstaters are trying hard to take up the slack, but I can only cover about 4 million of those 8…

  3. TomcatsHanger Says:

    That’s hilarious.

    Many states don’t require a NICs check if you have a carry permit, I know Texas is one of them.

    I wonder how many gun sales the FBI just doesn’t know about?

  4. Miguel Says:

    “Additionally, a ban on assault weapons in Florida recently expired.”

    Florida never had a ban on AW or EBRs. That should tell you enough about the “author”

  5. McThag Says:

    My wife put a ban on me until I got done with all the honey-do projects. I recently completed the last item, but how did this reporter know that?

  6. divemedic Says:

    That article is dead wrong. It lists Florida as having 2.5 firearms per 100 residents. According to the census bureau, Florida has 18,328,340 residents. There are currently 702,742 concealed weapons permits in Florida, menaing there are 3.8 concealed weapons permits for every 100 residents. Are they trying to say that 1/3 of the people with concealed weapons permits don’t own a firearm?

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