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Obviously, not paying attention

Some guy: more guns cause more crime in Chicago. Obviously, he’s not paying attention because all those crimes occurring now are occurring where there are not guns because they are banned.

5 Responses to “Obviously, not paying attention”

  1. Oakenheart Says:

    From Comments –

    Wild Cat wrote:
    “First of all Mr. Kulis, you should have identified yourself as being the past president of The Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence which takes its talking points directly from the playbook of the Brady Campaign to End Handgun Violence. Second of all, and most important, you claim to be a retired Federal Law Enforcement Officer. With such a title, you imply that you were on the front lines in law enforcement; busting druggies, tracking down murderers and getting into shootouts with bad guys. When in fact, you were merely a probation officer holding a desk job and unlikely to be involved with issues such as interstate gun trafficking as you claim. ”


  2. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Ouch! That’ll leave a mark!

  3. RML Says:

    More bad guys = more crime.

  4. Thirdpower Says:

    He was a board member as late as June of last year and also a Sociologist. What is it w/ that profession?

    Nevermind that he inflated his numbers. Ignorance or Lying?

  5. dave Says:

    Wow, Wild Cat ripped him a new one.