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May Issue

I oppose it because I don’t think people have superpowers. Even sheriffs.

4 Responses to “May Issue”

  1. chris Says:

    It should come as a welcome relief to the victim’s family that, had the Iowa Sheriff not exercised his discretion to not issue a handgun carry permit to the perpetrator, their loved one would have been killed by a handgun and not by a shotgun.

    The arrogance of the law enforcement community on Second Amendment issues was never more apparent than last year when it opposed the “carry in restaurant” legislation, while, unbeknownst to most people, it had no problems whatsoever with respect to the companion statute which now authorizes off-duty cops to carry in restaurants where alcohol is served.

    I am very pro-law enforcement, but I am more concerned about the Constitution they swear to protect and defend.

  2. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Laws that are subjective to feelings of law enforcement are NEVER a good idea.

    How do you think the dicks that support this law would feel about subjective speeding tickets?

    “I didn’t check or speed or anything, but I know this car has a factory-installed governor that limits its speed to 85 MPH…I’m just gonna write you up for doing 85 in a 35 because I have a feeling that’s what you done.”

  3. John Smith Says:

    Sounds like the police I know. But then I live in a very corrupt area. It may not be like this everywhere.

  4. straightarrow Says:

    Oh, but John, it is.