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Question and answer

The Brady Bunch wants you to take a quiz and they’re giving away an iPod. For questions 9 & 10, Mrs. Anita Dick from Pensacola answered:

Do you know anyone who has been a victim of gun violence? Yes

If Yes, what is their relation to you? Assailant

ETA: Robb says the questions are loaded, which is funny for an anti-gun group if you think about it.

9 Responses to “Question and answer”

  1. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    I signed up for victim outreach.

    If they send me any “victims”, I will take them to the range. It’s all about gun control and one must control his gun.

  2. TDC Says:

    Someone should put up an honest version of the survey that has no bias either way. I seem to recall that there are sites that will do so for a small fee.

  3. Mu Says:

    I put down “say uncle” and “the firearm blog” as my main news site…

  4. workinwifdakids Says:

    Mr. Chokesan Deek just said he has too many guns to count.

  5. Jon Says:

    I started to fill it out and MAN is it one sided…. I stopped filling it out when it got to name/email/ address as required fields…. I should have put my local gun shop as my place of residence…. that just would have been funny.

  6. Ohio Sean Says:

    I filled it out honestly, including answering that I owned 12 guns and that is my primary source for news. I also answered that the only victim of gun violence I knew was an “Assailant, who got was coming to him” which dates back to a late night encounter ten years ago where I am positive (due to a blood trail) that I ‘winged’ an attempted mugger who ran off. He never called the police and neither did I, ’nuff said.
    I am all for youth education and keeping guns out of the hands of ‘un-monitored’ children, so I picked those areas. I started my daughter on a .22 rifle at age 7, but she knows the four rules verbatim and I never let her walk around with a gun by herself. Thats gun safety in my mind. The more parents who teach their kids gun safety and respect and the less we’ll need the Brady Campaign. I do however salute Bill Brady for his service to Pres. Reagan, got to give a man credit for taking a bullet for a President, even if he didn’t intend to.

  7. Joat Says:

    Does open carrying count as a “Gun Violence Prevention Activist”?

  8. Fred Says:

    Do you know any victims of gun violence? Yes
    What was their relation to you? Enemy combatant

    What groups do you belong to on social networking sites? Keep Your Laws Off My Guns, Wisconsin Open Carry Association

    Do you own guns? If yes, how many? Yes, lots.

    Phillip McCracken sounds like a great guy!

  9. Stuart the Viking Says:

    I have one comment. Might be nit picking a little, but this is one of my personal peeves. Filling out the questions:

    Do you know any victims of gun violence? Yes
    What was their relation to you? Assailant

    We see a lot of the MSM giving victim status to assailants who are shot when they force someone to defend themselves. This has always bothered me. If a badguy is attacking you and you are forced to use deadly force in self defence, said badguy is not a victim! Or more percisely, he’s not YOUR victim. He may be a victim of his own violent nature, or his own stupidity. I would even go as far as to say that maybe he’s a victim of his socio-economical circumstances (although there are far fewer of those than many bleeding hearts would have you believe). To give the badguys the status of victim of “gun violence” because you shot him for trying to kill, rob, or rape you and/or your family is giving him far too much status.

    Other than that, yea… funny…


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