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targets to diagnose shooting problems


Here’s some real ones.

5 Responses to “targets to diagnose shooting problems”

  1. Xeno Says:

    Oh wow. Tremendous find Unc. I have needed some tried and true learning materials for some time now, but I’ve been too lazy to search for them thoroughly. I really appreciate you linking the Army diagnostic target and marksmanship manual. This stuff has the potential to improve my shooting immensely. Thanks again. You run the best Gun Blog in Tennessee!

  2. Freiheit Says:

    Hahaha. I’m printing a stack of both and leaving them at the pistol club.

  3. DeadCenter56 Says:

    Thanks a bunch uncle. I’ve been wanting a clean copy of those targets for YEARS.

  4. Lyle Says:

    Regarding the real ones; I’ve observed a lot of new shooters, and in each and every case, without exception, the anticipation of recoil makes for a low shot, unlike what is shown. It’s been so extreme that the shots were hitting the ground halfway between shooter and target. I do not know where someone gets the idea that anticipation puts the rounds high. Never seen it.

  5. The Duck Says:

    We give all of our students one of these, but as Lyle mentioned anticipation is the most common, the second is pawing the gun sideways and shooting at 9 o’clock, as does to much finger in the trigger, or tightening grip as one pulls the trigger