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US Army can paint their guns, annoy Bloomberg

So long, evil black rifle

The Army will allow soldiers to paint their guns so that they blend in with the terrain.

7 Responses to “US Army can paint their guns, annoy Bloomberg”

  1. Spook45 Says:

    Heh; Coolest thing about an AR, you can paint it and if next week you decide that you dont like it, you take it apart, throw it in a bucket w/some MEK and the paint melts off. You clean it ,oil it, and reassymble. Its a great thing! I love it! BUY MORE AMMO……..AND SOME SPRAY PAINT:)

  2. Joanna Says:

    I forsee a resurgence in WWII-style nose art, scaled down to fit on the stock.

  3. John Smith Says:

    I believe that you are correct. There are many artistically inclined people in the military.

  4. guy Says:

    Heh, it would be impossible for this to go horrible wrong. 😛

  5. Rick Randall Says:

    Hell, They should just pick two base tones and do ALL the weapons up before issue.

    Say, FDE for receivers, barrels, and rails, and Foliage for furniture. Or something similar — a mid hue dull green and a mid hue dull brown. All of which kind of screams “DIRT”, without being one solid color that stands out as “GUN!” Black-on-black is probably worst of all, but all ANYTHING is a bad idea.

    Then if troops in a particular region need/want to add additional breaks of OD, dark brown, etc., IAW unit SOP and terrain coloration, fine.

    At JRTC in Fort Polk, I wrapped my rifle’s hanguards and stock with relatively random passes of OD 100mph tape at varying angles. No scrim, just the tape. (If you try it, be smart like I was — take a razor and cut the tape at the seams of your handguards, so you can get them off eaily for cleaning. Don’t be like the guys who copied me and failed to do so, and had a bloody awful mess under their handguards.)

    Just breaking up the large gun shaped expanse of black made a world of difference, even though the tape had straight edges and a regular width (what, 2″ for standard 100mph tape?).

  6. StevA Says:

    Dangit guy, you beat me to it!!
    Of course i was gonna use this picture as we are discussing AR’s.

  7. guy Says:


    I was just happy for an excuse to use that photo – it’s the look on the 2nd guy’s face that that kicks my giggle box over and jumps up and down on it.

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