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Hold the bayo

Army ditching bayonet training to focus on fist fights.

9 Responses to “Hold the bayo”

  1. Spook45 Says:

    I disagree with dxing the bayonet training, in fact, they should expand on it with more combat knife training. As far as the fist fighting goes…..they NEED some training there buddy. I was a proffessional bouncer for almost ten years near a major army post and those guys cant fight to save thier own lives, much less ours. THEY SUCK! The only thing to thier creed, is that they are in really good shape, but as far as deliberate thoughtfull attack and defense with fisticuffs, they SUCK! BUY MORE AMMO……and if your in the ARMY, TAKE SOME KARATE OR SOMETHING, GEEZ……

  2. Bobby Says:

    Fist to a knife fight?

  3. Dad Says:

    When I was a D.I. we taught both.

  4. Rustmeister Says:

    When I went through basic, they didn’t teach hand-to-hand. Drill said it was because they only taught enough to get your own ass whupped.

    I agree with Spook – keep bayonet and add hand-to-hand, and do it right.

  5. Rick Randall Says:

    Need to keep bayonet training, AND add hand-to-hand skills.

    Bayonets are really useful psychological weapons — but only in the hands of troops who look confidently competant. As the Scots proved in Iraq a few years ago — even a handful of troops with dinky little pig-stickers on the end of a bullpup rifle can be quite intimidating. Helps if teh bayonet isn’t flat black — it can be dull matte, but it really works best when they SEE you coming and the fear monkey in the back of their head starts yammering, “Those savages are gonna come here and gut you like a fish! And they LIKE it!!!”

    You’ll often hear, “The last bayonet charge was in Korea, so they’re obsolete.” Not true in either respect.

    But just sticking a knife on teh end of PVT Snuffy’s gun does not a “bayonet” make, unless Snuffy looks like he means business, and knows his business. Of course, that often means he’s less likely to get to bayonet range before the bad guy bugs out (or the surrendering enemy decides not to rush him). . . which is kinda the whole point of the exercise. (It’s a lot easier to shoot enemy troops in the back than bayonet them in the gut — but the bayonetted rifle in the hands of a trained troop facilates BOTH.)

    Adequate hand to hand skills translate well to a general confident carriage. Plus, as long as your body still works and you aren’t tied up, you’ve still got hand to hand as a weapon to help you get to your rifle, your late buddy’s rifle, or the Bad Guy’s rifle.

  6. tjbbpgobIII Says:

    I too disagree with doing away with the bayonette. I do however agree with their plan for more and more and more physical training. I am 65 years old and I doubt there are many basic recruits could whip my ass. I could probably scare them to death by screaming at them or falling dead from a heart attack, either way they are toast.

  7. Kasper Says:

    Lewis Lee Millett won the Medal of Honor for leading a a bayonette charge in Korea.

  8. Vote For David Says:

    So . . . it’s now a good idea to close with your bare hands against someone whose .gov DIDN’T stop using 10″ of double-edged steel pointy things?

    OK then.

  9. ParatrooperJJ Says:

    Seriously bad idea to drop the bayonet training.