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CBS News does Starbucks

A few notes on this video.

Do you notice how, generally, the pro-gun activists are smiling and friendly and having a good time. But the anti-gun folks are tense, angry, and yelling? Except for that one pro-gun guy that they zoom in on right when they say NRA.

They mention NRA but they never actually talk to anyone from NRA. I wonder if NRA was even contacted by CBS?

Heidi Yewman says she doesn’t know if the person with a gun is there to protect her or shoot everybody. Well, Heidi, as a general rule, neither. I mean, all those folks were there with guns and no one shot you.

The pretty boy reporter seems shocked that it’s getting simply easier to carry a handgun. Of course, he’s from LA.

Paul Helmke says gun owners are forcing guns into every nook and cranny of society, which is false. He also goes on to illustrate the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership’s real concern (and one that they lose ground on every day) that guns are being normalized. Well, they are normal, sparky. 100M households are estimated to have one.

6 Responses to “CBS News does Starbucks”

  1. geekWithA.45 Says:

    More to the point, it’s evidence that the gun bigot’s decades long organized attempts to -de- normalize guns has collapsed into ignominious failure.

    We’re not all the way back, but we’re well on the way.

  2. ModlCitzn Says:

    We’ve reached numerical parity I believe with firearm units and people in this country? Yay!

  3. Fred Says:

    The NRA kinda tries to steer clear of the open carry debate anyway. The most I’ve seen is the canned answer of “it’s legal, and we support what’s legal.”

  4. Windy Wilson Says:

    Ms Yewman, generally the people who intend to kill you don’t usually let on that that is their intent until moments before they open fire on you.

  5. Windy Wilson Says:

    Oh, and I’m not as worried about guns being normalized as the normalization of violence as a policy enforcement device or normalization of the idea that government can do whatever its employees want merely because they are government.

  6. Old Doctor Weasel Says:

    If you stay on the See BS web site for a bit longer, the next story is about self-defense classes for women, hosted by the father of a girl who was raped and killed. Hmmm… self defense seems like a good thing in the womens’ class story, even though the Starbucks-OC story completely missed the point about effective self defense. If the girl had a gun with her when that freak attacked her at her job, she would be alive and he would be appropriately deceased.

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