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OMG! Police and capitalism!

The latest shrieking hysterics about Tennessee gun laws are because the guns used in a couple of shootings were once in the evidence locker at a Memphis police station. Oh no. Seems police sell evidence they’ve confiscated once they no longer need it to raise money, since police stations are usually cash-strapped. Again, oh no. Just like they do with cars, boats, and other items that they may confiscate and have no use for. May as well turn them into money. Oddly, no AP Exclusives when one of the cars that used to be in the impound lot is driven by a drunk driver and takes out a family. Cars, unlike guns, aren’t magical totems.

Over at, they’re even blaming a law that wasn’t in effect when the shootings occurred and they call for banning private transfers at gun shows.

7 Responses to “OMG! Police and capitalism!”

  1. Drake Says:

    Knoxviews and pantshitting are often associated together.

  2. Slawson Says:

    Confiscate and sell high. Some would call that looting.

  3. LissaKay Says:

    Is Randy Neal and his exclusive little lefty echo chamber really still relevant to anyone with a brain and the ability to use it with reason and logic? Or at all?

    Huh … who knew?

  4. Paul Says:

    So the guns went through a FFL dealer, right? And any buyer had to go through the background check right?

    So what’s the problem? The ones who used them would have gotten them through any legal channel if they could do that!

    Just another gun control red hering.

  5. Spook45 Says:

    well….They have to do something!! TN doesnt play by thier dirty federal anti gun rules. I feel that this is going to be a demonisation of TN for its open and freedom based gun laws. I can still see lots of room for improvement, but in the big picture as compared to most states, TN has REALLY good gun laws. We are one of the freeest states left. Since our fed Govt is attacking our rights at every turn, they have to do something to attack the state. BUY MORE AMMO

  6. Metulj Says:

    Hey, LissaKay. Don’t use words you don’t understand, such as “leftist” and prepositions.

  7. Linoge Says:

    Irony: calling someone out for using a word… when they did not even use the word in question.