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So we’re clear

If you’re the sort of sicko who walks through Wal-Mart punching kids because of the excitement of being able to do it and get away with it with the parents right there and we cross paths because you happened to choose my kid, the next excitement that you will experience will be the excitement of trying to simultaneously coddle your aching balls while picking your teeth up from the floor.

There are some seriously disturbed people out there.

18 Responses to “So we’re clear”

  1. Billy Beck Says:

    Jeez… and I never pictured you as the violent type, ya know?

    I guess everybody’s got their limit.

  2. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    How dare you interfere with his chosen lifestyle!

  3. SayUncle Says:

    Billy, my kids changed me. Not a violent person but, when it comes to them, I don’t screw around.

  4. Mad Man Says:

    This is the type of behavior that eventually escalates into child abuse, kidnapping, and probably murder.

    Put him in jail – this time. Next time, fry his ass.

  5. blounttruth Says:

    “trying to simultaneously coddle your aching balls while picking your teeth up from the floor.”


  6. Spook45 Says:

    I love people like that!! Its gives me a chance to STOMP THE GUTS OUT OF SOME BASTARD WHO RICHLY DESERVES IT:) BUY MORE AMMO……AND COMBAT BOOTS(for stomping the guts out of assholes who richly deserve it:)

  7. Kristopher Says:

    He was probably haunting the toy section of that Walmart.

    Sporting goods, and a nice selection of baseball bats are nearby.

    ( not sure if you are a moby, or just serious, Spook45 … if you are a moby, it’s kinda hard to defend NOT stomping the snot out of someone like that )

  8. KCSteve Says:

    Boy I’d hate to see something like that happen around me.

    Clumsy oaf that I am I can see my big ol’ splay footed self not only causing them to trip but probably falling on them as well.

    Just a hazard to navigation I am.

  9. BobG Says:

    Disgusting to see a bully like that. I don’t have kids, but if I saw some asshole like that I’d probably kick him so hard he’d be wearing his balls as a bowtie.

  10. Jay G. Says:

    I am fairly certain that is the kind of thing I would kill someone over.

    I mean, I wouldn’t *mean* to kill them.

    It’s just… that’s the kind of thing that triggers the “go switch”, and I doubt I could turn it off before I beat them to death.

  11. Drake Says:

    The sad truth is, had some parent rightly beat his ass the press would spin it as kindly retired policeman getting assaulted. The usual LEO jocksniffers would be out in full force.

  12. Extreme Tolerance Says:

    I like how the article lists his address:

    5687 Shadowbrook Dr. on the Northwest Side

    I am sure its public information but given the strong feeling, you have to question the the reporter thought that was a good idea?

  13. retro Says:

    He sounds like the perfect candidate for the White House Day Care center.

  14. retro Says:

    Here’s a site with a story that has a copy of the Walmart security cam video.

  15. Billy Beck Says:

    Oh, Unc… I don’t have kids — I never have and I never will — and if *I* had happened to catch that motherfucker, they would *still* be setting the dogs on me.

  16. workinwifdakids Says:

    “Wet cleanup on Aisle 9.”

  17. Brad Says:

    Hold on. This freak is punching little children in the back of the head, while holding keys between his fingers? And he’s only charged with misdemeanor assault??!!

    Sound more like assault with a deadly weapon and/or attempted murder to me.

  18. comatus Says:

    Forget it, Jake. It’s Cowtown. The capital of Ohio is in Columbus: every penny of it.

    A retiree of the Ohio Dept of Development (motto: “Welcome to the State of Perfect Balance.”) I binged ’em, sure–just to make sure it wasn’t a child welfare agency. ‘Development’ being one of those words, you know. No, it’s the Third Frontier agency.

    So basically, he spent a career doing the same thing to peoples’ businesses, budgets and dreams. Because he could. Watch him mount a perfectly consistent PTSD defense: you can’t quit rabbit-punching cold turkey.

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