It only took two weeks

Ok, then: The University of Alabama in Huntsville has fired the professor accused of shooting six co-workers, killing three.

5 Responses to “It only took two weeks”

  1. JJR says:

    Well that was a foregone conclusion when she didn’t make tenure anyway. Shooting the committee members just means she won’t be hired anywhere else, either, because she’ll be behind bars.

  2. Robert says:

    You gotta go through channels. I bet she still draws retirement from somewhere.

  3. workinwifdakids says:

    What? She had tenure.

  4. She had a case of crazy is what she had.

    I’m sorry, I don’t care how hard your teacher’s union negotiates . . . killing people on campus has GOT to be an on-the-spot firing offense.

    Oh, wait aleeeeeeegedly, right sorry.

  5. Xrlq says:

    Actually, shooting someone on site is, on the spot firing, by definition.

    As to two weeks, that’s record time in academe. It took much longer than that to get rid of Ward Churchill.