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ABC staged Toyota death ride.

8 Responses to “Fake”

  1. Blake Says:

    Didn’t they learn when Dateline got into trouble for putting igniters on the frames of GM pickup trucks?

    Or, should I ask…does the media ever learn?

  2. TomcatsHanger Says:

    learn, care, what’s the difference?

  3. Nate Says:

    I thought that the science was settled on “Auto-made acceleration”….
    It seems that ABC was hiding the decline in RPMs…

  4. Number9 Says:

    Great, just like Global Warming.

  5. Ted Says:

    Hmm. Why am I not surprised?

    *spit* Mainstream media. Buncha schlebs.

  6. Rivrdog Says:

    It’s worse than that. This is all about unionizing Toyota’s US plants. But, it’s also about the idiotic Japanese system of management, where the primary goal of each management layer is to not embarrass the next level higher up.

    Find the Wozniak article about the Prius. There ARE some real acceleration problems here, and if you get nothing else from this discussion, it’s never buy/ride in a car that you can’t directly control all functions of.

  7. B Smith Says:

    My first new vehicle was a Toyota truck. I drive a Tacoma now (bought used). And when the time comes, I’ll get another Toyota. If I can find one that’ll go from under 2K RPMs to over 6K in under 2 seconds while actually driving, I’ll take it to the drag strip…

  8. Andrew Says:

    I bought a new Tundra in 2008. I will buy another.

    Read a lawyers blog the other day about the Kalifornia Prius sudden acceleration debacle that basically said, “Have we forgot “the finger in the chili lawsuit” or some such.

    All of the wannabe actors are crawling out from under their respective rocks.

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