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Starbucks Stuff

Savor the victory. Patronize their business. And let it go. I agree with others. We’ve won. Nothing else to be gained by pushing the issue. So, let the losers at Protest Easy Guns bleat. And have yourself a cup of coffee.

Says Curt:

My message to the media is that they are getting it all wrong (big surprise there). It’s not gun owners who are putting Starbucks into the middle of this, it’s the Brady Campaign.

We’re not protesting or signing petitions, we’re not picketing and issuing news releases condemning the places that DON’T respect the rights of law abiding citizens.

That’s not how we roll.

And it’s a trap.

5 Responses to “Starbucks Stuff”

  1. pdb Says:

    I concur. It’s time for us to act like the bigger (wo)men.

    ‘Cuz after all, we got the guns.

  2. pax Says:


    Let the little dogs yap. Big dogs don’t need to.

  3. Rivrdog Says:

    Hey, support Starbucks by buying a spendy cup of coffee there, but do it at the drive-thru.

  4. Beaumont Says:

    Starbucks’ atmosphere seems to depend on location — in this area, the further you get from UT, the better the baristas’ attitude seems to be. The late, lamented Midtown location was downright homey.

  5. straightarrow Says:

    Aww, shit! send him some more anti-tremble medicine.

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