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Guns on Campus

A shooting at an Oklahoma university turns out to be a negligent discharge from a security guard.

And Northern KY University (famous for its jelly) apparently needs $10K worth of AR-15s.

7 Responses to “Guns on Campus”

  1. SoupOrMan Says:

    That’s weird. I’d have thought that it would be Western Kentucky or Murray State that would’ve needed the AR-15s. They guard KY Lake and KY Dam, after all. It’s the strategic reserve.

  2. Canthros Says:

    I can’t really see why any college needs a dozen AR-15s for any purpose other than a rifle team. If the school needs a SWAT team to crack down on problems occurring on campus, they probably need to make the admissions process a little more discriminating.

  3. Stan Says:

    Notice how the article refers to them as “patrol rifles” whereas if your average Joe was buying them they would be “assault rifles”

  4. Ted Says:

    Frakkin “only ones.” *spit* WTF kind of college police do they need?

  5. Phelps Says:

    $10K in ARs? That’s like, what, one working AR plus enough parts that don’t work together to make another five (if they actually did work together)?

  6. John Smith Says:

    They do not need them at all, because guns are banned on campus. Who do they expect to be shooting at nerds with nukes?

  7. DOuglas2 Says:

    Hey, how convenient! Customs and the BATFE have conveniently just seized a $10K shipment in Spokane that had 30 incipient ArmaLite rifles. BATFE should sell the shipment to Northern KY University on behalf of airsoftoutletnw, and then everyone is whole —

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