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Memo To DOJ

Look, I’m not breaking my rule on pointing out that fed agencies read my blog and then get all ZOMFG!!!eleven about. But, pro-tip, it’s called the Akins Accelerator not the Atkins Accelerator. Just doing my part to help or whatever so you’re not wasting my tax dollars.

4 Responses to “Memo To DOJ”

  1. joemerchant24 Says:

    They are basically the same device… just one is lower-carb.

  2. DirtCrashr Says:

    They’re looking for a new diet?

  3. Dave thA Says:

    That’s the one that goes up…

  4. Spook45 Says:

    Heh; Thats TOOOO MUCh! I love it. Evryone knows the FBI couldnt find a hooker in a whore house anyway. I think its funny that they would waste thier time AND our tax dollars just gathering the opinions of pissed of Americans. Thruth be known, anyone with true intent and a significant threat would not be stupid enough to air it on a an open forum, that would be kinda dumb wouldnt it. What a bunch of BAFOOOOOONS. BUY MORE AMMO

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