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Keep your booger-hook off the bang-switch

And don’t take live ammo to a classroom.

7 Responses to “Keep your booger-hook off the bang-switch”

  1. sigluvor Says:

    There is absolutely no reason to have live ammunition in a classroom. Also anytime a firearm is being cleaned, all ammunition should be removed from the area. As far as the finger on the trigger, only when the sights are on the target and its time to fire the shot. Safety, Safety, SAFETY!!!

  2. comatus Says:

    “We’re the Orlandoist ones.”
    Is is something about Disney?

  3. Hartley Says:

    “Yank” his certification? I would use the word “vaporize” instead.

  4. Stan Says:

    Mr “I’m the only one professional enough to handle this Glock Forty” got a mention at the end of the article.

  5. JJR Says:

    “We won’t be having anything like that in our church in the future”


    That’s like an “own goal” in Soccer…way to score one for the OTHER TEAM…just created potential new recruits for the Brady bunch. Yank his certification and I hope the victim sues him.

  6. Chas Says:

    1. load gun
    2. point gun at student
    3. pull trigger
    4. claim that all of the above was an accident

  7. Bruce Says:

    As a famous philosopher once said, “you can’t fix stupid…”

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