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It’s Brady Ranking Time!

About once every couple of months it seems, the Brady Campaign, trying to get some free publicity, releases their state rankings. They used to release grades but state’s grades rarely went up and showed that the Brady Bunch was not real effective. Anyway, their latest is up. I note that Tennessee gets a whopping eight points. Also interesting is some of the language they use, like:

Employers not forced to allow firearms on premises

Colleges are not forced to allow firearms on campus

They seem to push this falsity that folks have a right not to have firearms around them. Interesting. Bitter puts the rankings in context of grades:

There is no right to own arms in Massachusetts. That is still not good enough for the Paul Helmke. What is good enough? Confiscation?

Probably why they stopped using grades. MA is third but would gets only a 54.

18 Responses to “It’s Brady Ranking Time!”

  1. 2yellowdogs Says:

    Woo hoo! Missouri has a measly Brady score of 4!! Did any other state rank lower (better)?? Happy Friday!

  2. SayUncle Says:

    Utah got zero.

  3. Scott Says:

    AZ got a 2. Not bad. Maybe permit-less carry can bring us negative?

  4. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    Look at the criteria, it contains admissions galore.

    E.g.,note how they admit that “assault weapon” bans are nothing more than cosmetic.

  5. Canthros Says:

    Utah’s got a zero?

    Time to move out west, then.

    (Not that I’m really disappointed with Kentucky’s 2.)

  6. Bitter Says:

    6 states have a 2 and one has a zero. For most states, the only points come from not requiring their state-run universities to honor carry permits of those old enough to carry on campus.

  7. Nate Says:

    NJ got a 73, only state that ranks “better” than California….and look at the state of these states…..When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will run your state. But my near future state of Nebraska gets an 8!

  8. RC Says:

    Utah gets a zero because all public facilities (including elementary schools and public colleges) are required to allow permit-carriers to carry there with the exception of secure facilities, such as courthouses and detention facilities.
    Ironically, despite our “nation’s weakest gun laws,” Utah has a homicide rate of 1.9/100,000/year– roughly one third of the national average of 5.5.

  9. BobG Says:

    With any luck we can try to get some negative numbers out here in Utah.

  10. NCMO Says:

    One of Utah’s state senators proposed making JMB’s birthday a state holiday. Maybe that will give us a negative score.

  11. Jennifer Says:

    Oklahoma got 2

  12. Huck Says:

    I’m sad to say that Wyoming got a score of 10. 🙁 Of the neighboring states only Colorado got a worse score. (15)

    The shame!

  13. CC Says:

    Utah got a zero! As far as I’m concerned that gives them the highest rating on RKBA I see. Maybe if the Brady folk were invited to leave the state as we have become tired of their prattle we can get a negative rating?

  14. PawPaw Says:

    Louisiana (my home state) got two points. I love living in a gun free state!

  15. charles Says:

    Hmmm. Indiana has 6. With any luck, that should get to 4 in the next few weeks, and maybe we can get it even lower someday. 6 is inexcusably high.

  16. Bogie Says:

    NH comes up with a score of 9, I sure wish they would bring it down to at least a 5 by telling my employer and my school that they have no business regulating my ability to protect myself!

  17. Dave thA Says:

    Idaho scores a disgusting 2 points because universities aren’t forced to allow guns on campus.

    Not bad, but still room for improvement…

  18. ka Says:

    “Oklahoma got 2”

    Go Pokes! If Campus Carry had passed then we would score a perfect 0!

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