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Two great tastes that taste great together

The first and second amendment:

A Pittsburgh-area community college will let a student form a campus chapter of a group that promotes the rights of students to carry concealed weapons.

A Community College of Allegheny County spokesman says Christa Brashier must provide a copy of the group’s revised constitution by March.
Brashier threatened to sue after school officials, at first, refused to let her pass out leaflets advocating concealed carry rights in May. After getting permission, she pressed forward with her efforts to form a local chapter of a Texas-based nonprofit, Students for Concealed Carry on Campus.

One Response to “Two great tastes that taste great together”

  1. Mikee Says:

    The college does not “let” students form organizations. The college actually follows strict guidelines and policies and regulations and legal precedents for recognizing and possibly funding student organizations.

    It is not up to the college to determine what organizations a student may or may not form, due to the constitutional, enumerated right of freedom of association.

    Such minor linguistic errors put the shoe on the wrong foot, in my opinion.

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