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Holding on

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership is touting as victory maintaining the status quo at a restaurant. In California. Not gaining ground, just trying to hold it.

9 Responses to “Holding on”

  1. John Smith Says:

    The restaurant owner was stupid. Never let an instant 100 paying customers go away. That is some good money.

    Open carry is for those who are tired of having to keep their gun ownership on the down low. After all pandering to anti-gunners only gets you so much. That is all concealed carry is. We would not want them to be afraid they might look at us in a mean way and cause us to wet our panties. As I have said before if a concealed carrier and a open carry walk down the street which one is more likely to be targeted by a criminal? Sure there is a chance you will be harassed by the cops, but recently concealed carriers are having their guns outright confiscated by scared policemen. So out goes that argument. I admire open carriers because they stand up for something they believe in even when it is not popular. There is nothing wrong with what they do period. It is not immoral or against the law. I do not feel completely comfortable being in a society that feels it has to hide its weapons lest somebody gets offended. It is called a Politically Correct society. Did I hurt somebodies feelings? Tough shit.

  2. Countertop Says:

    The restaurant owner is pissed. The open carry guys are complete assholes, taking over the restaurant, preaching to others there, making a scene, and not even ordering meals. Sorry, you don’t bring 100 people into a restaurant – especially without reservations – and have them seated and not order a meal.

    What they did isn’t too far from straight up theft. They took food out of the mouth of that restaurant owners family.

    These guys are shitheads, pure and simple, have done a huge disservice to the 2nd amendment, and deserve every bit of scorn and outrage they’ve recieved.

  3. SayUncle Says:

    article says they spent $1,200.

  4. Countertop Says:

    Including tips.

    That’s $12 a person (including tip) . . . AT A STEAKHOUSE!!!!

    Like I said at SIH, I suspect a few ordered meals and most just ordered soda. For a group of 100, they should have spent many times that amount.

    I’ve seen the same thing happen – alot – on a much smaller scale at VCDL dinners. Folks go to eat, others go simply to open carry at a restaurant and make a scene.

  5. SayUncle Says:

    yes, they were cheap.

  6. The Packetman Says:

    Countertop, it’s MHO that you’re way out of line here.

    The article that Sebastian linked to says that the owner of the chain believes that he was ‘misled’ about the nature of the meeting as well as the number of participants. The leader of the activists claims that they arranged the meeting with the restaurant management weeks in advance. The owner of the chain says that the meeting was an exception that he now regrets, and exception to his normal rule of No Weapons (so it seems clear to me that he anticipated weapons there). Still, he makes no claims that the activists were anything other than cordial.

    The activist leader (Brad Huffman) mentioned that they passed out brochures only when asked for information; you seem to have more information, claiming that the activists were ‘preaching’ to others there – please cite your source.

    Regarding your assertion that a $12 check average isn’t too far from ‘straight up theft’, I’ll agree that when I was a waiter in Knoxville, $12 per person wasn’t that good. But then again, I don’t suppose you’ve worked many prom nights, and had the punk-ass 16 & 17 year olds with the fine threads, being carted around in a limo, and ordering a salad and water.

    Free advice, and worth every penny: If you want to bitch and complain about anyone being a shithead, stealing from honest-but-misled restauranteurs and being a disgrace to the 2A rights cause, call Brad Huffman and vent to him, ‘cuz I’m pretty sure I don’t want to hear it here.

    With all due respect, naturally.

  7. Divemedic Says:

    It isn’t a steakhouse. The Buckhorn grill serves most sandwiches. They have a 26 meal menu and 11 of those are sandwiches, 3 kids’ meal items, 6 salad items,and not a single steak on the menu. The closest thing they have to steak is the highest priced menu item, Sirloin tips at $15.95, and the average price of a meal on the menu is only $8.45.

    For a sandwich place, I would say that $12 a person is above average. Think about it: average menu item $8.45, plus drink $1.75 comes to $10.15. They do not appear to have table service, so I wouldn’t tip someone to take my money and put my sandwich on a tray, so I can carry it to the table.

  8. Countertop Says:


    If that’s the case, then I fully withdraw everything I stated.

  9. Countertop Says:

    and apologize to all involved.

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