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Another shooting. On another gun free school zone. By another teacher, dissatisfied with their job.

And it was a woman.

16 Responses to “Another”

  1. Oscar Says:

    She was in a “tenure-track” position,
    according to the AP.

    10-1 that she: (1) was rejected officially
    for tenure; or (2) was told off-record
    by a colleague that she was not going
    to get tenure.

    Tenure is the ultimate achievement for
    someone in an academic career. To fail
    is a fate worse than death.

  2. JD Says:

    I’m guessing she didn’t use an AR or AK because the news reporters aren’t using the dreaded “AW” phrase.

  3. Wolfwood Says:

    Judging by Fark, at least (not exactly peer-reviewed, although perhaps that metric is a little tainted), there are an awful lot of pedophile women teachers, too.

  4. Jason S. Says:

    Ah my Alma Mater…. They had another professor there who murdered his wife a couple of years ago.

    One more and they can probably start an extension campus in the State Prison.

    I remember when I went there I took a “shooting” PE course because I needed one more credit hour for the semester. While the actual shooting portion of the class was at a local range, the first class, on gun handling and safety, was on campus. Complete with REAL guns. And no one died.

  5. Travlin Says:

    Where’s the link?

  6. Jake Says:

    I think Oscar’s called it. According to the article:

    The husband of one of the victims said he was told those at the meeting were discussing tenure for Bishop


    [The husband of one of the victims] was told his wife was at a meeting to discuss the tenure status of another faculty member who got angry and started shooting. He said his wife had mentioned the suspect before, describing the woman as “not being able to deal with reality” and “not as good as she thought she was.”

    Sounds like the meeting was to tell her that she was being officially rejected for tenure, and I be when they told her is when she started shooting. She probably knew it was coming, and planned this ahead of time.

  7. RosieRac Says:

    The Boston Globe is reporting she accidentally shot and killed her brother 20 years ago.

  8. Jason Says:

    Yeah, I’m unclear on the timeline right now. Local news is saying that she found out Friday MORNING that she would not be getting tenure, but the shooting happened at a meeting Friday AFTERNOON (approx. 4pm CST). Police have recovered the gun now. A 9mm semi-auto of some sort.

    Local news had a female student on the air yesterday saying that this shows that people should be ALLOWED to carry their lawfully owned guns on campus to defend themselves. Imagine…common sense like that coming from a college student in this day and age. And I thought they were all sheep. That gives me hope.

  9. straightarrow Says:

    The student interviewed went further to say she was sorry that there was no other gun in the room that maybe could have saved at least one life.

    Our grandchildren are appearing to become more prescient than our children, generationally speaking.

  10. Jake Says:

    The Boston Globe is reporting she accidentally shot and killed her brother 20 years ago.

    Now it’s not so clear it was an accident.

    Amy Bishop shot her teenage brother in the chest in 1986, Braintree police Chief Paul Frazier said at a news conference. She fired at least three shots, hitting her brother once and hitting her bedroom wall, before police took her into custody at gunpoint, he said.

    Before Bishop could be booked, however, the police chief back then called officers and told them to release her to her mother, Frazier said. The shooting of the brother, Seth Bishop, an 18-year-old accomplished violinist, was logged as an accident, but detailed records of the shooting have disappeared, he said.

    Three shots fired and she had to be taken in at gunpoint, yet it was ruled an accident? And now the records are missing. There’s nothing suspicious there, is there?

  11. Justthisguy Says:

    Well, she’s “special”, and all. Ain’t she a Harvard gal? Did it in Mass., so they cut her loose. What is it about that “Commonwealth”? The worse you are, the more slack you get?

    P.s. Next year, we will finally have a Kennedy-Free Congress, for the first time since 1962.

  12. Matthew Carberry Says:

    On a different blog (I think, I probably read too many) it was discussed that the best way to get away with the murder of a relative or loved one, especially as a minor, is to set it up as a gunhandling “accident”.

    No one wants to believe any child would deliberately kill a family member and “the family has already lost one kid/suffered enough” mentality kicks in so LE isn’t necessarily motivated to push the issue if the family doesn’t insist.

  13. Matthew Carberry Says:

    On a pragmatic note, the blood dancers will find that earlier walk a hitch in their usual narrative. If Boston PD, in the Brady dream state, didn’t act to stop her from retaining lawful access to firearms what “gun lobby” type can they blame for this?

    Also, it reinforces up front what usually only comes up after they make their claims about normal people snapping due to access, that most violent crimes are committed by people who have a history of violent crimes. They can’t bury or ignore it now, nor claim she’s a member of the “gun culture” they so irrationally despise.

  14. Jim W Says:

    So far it seems like the original incident 20 years ago:
    -was not an accident
    -involved 3 shots fired from a pump shotgun, the 2nd of which killed the brother
    -the girls mother was politically connected in Boston (where the 80s murder took place) and may have intervened on her daughter’s behalf

  15. Ken Says:

    Small penis envy?

  16. Jerry Says:

    Hey, no fair, I envy small penises.