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Scarlet letter?

TriggerFinger notes:

Legislation introduced in both the state House and state Senate will require that gun owners have a special license to purchase handguns, and will mark their status as a license holder with a “scarlet G for gun owner” on their existing drivers license.

I’ve skimmed the bill and can’t find such language. Granted, it could have changed since I read it.

3 Responses to “Scarlet letter?”

  1. Spook45 Says:

    WHEW!? I thought this was in TN!! I didnt see that in the bill either, what I did see was yet another end run around our beloved 4th Amendment! They already have this authority its called PRobalbe Cause and with it you can…..GET A WARRENT, YOU KNOW LIKE IT SAYS RIGHT THERE IN THE CONSTITUTION UNDER THAT PART THAT SAYS 4TH AMENDMENT! Geez what a bunch of COMMIES! It is not that hard to get a warrent when you have the PC and if the officer doesnt have the PC then he should leave that CITIZEN alone and MIND HIS OWN BUSINESS! 10-98; 10-08, go PATROL……. BUY MORE AMMO

  2. Tirno Says:

    Here’s how to kill the bill, as was done in WA state when this was proposed: Point out that gun ownership is a protected right for most Americans, and only a limited number of people have had that right suspended as a result of due process. Therefore, the correct way to do this would be to put a marking on the driver’s licenses of those that may not purchase handguns.

    At this point, some ACLU type will flip his lid because this will identify the bearer as a felon, drug abuser or any of the other prohibited person classes to anyone that views the license, and the proposal won’t even make it out of committee.

  3. Fredy (AmmoLand Editor) Says:

    Hear is a Link to Maryland Shall Issue’s Alert with the full details of the bill:

    Specifically: “(A) A regulated firearms dealer or person may only sell or transfer a handgun to another person if the purchaser or transferee presents to the seller or transferror a valid Maryland driverís license with an approved handgun
    purchase designation
    or photographic identification card with an approved handgun purchase designation issued to the purchaser or transferee by the Motor Vehicle Administration.
    (B) A person may only purchase or receive a handgun if the person:
    (1) Possesses a valid Maryland driverís license or state issued ID as outlined in (A).
    (C) The MVA shall issue a driverís license with an approved handgun purchase designation or photographic ID with an approved handgun purchase designation.”