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Firearms Freedom Act hits Utah. As I’ve said, good for symbolism but not so good for effectiveness.

3 Responses to “Another”

  1. Spook45 Says:

    One has to believe that since the simple majority at the state level is resisting tyrany at its door, the people in those states must support those laws annd err go, will resist the tyrany. I was thrilled beyond reproach when TN passed this bill and the Governer signed it, he also signed the Tenth Amendment bill that declared States Rights, as left as Phil is he has been a good Governer over all, the down side of seeing him go is that WHO KNOWS what kind of commie could get in there next! Hard to vote well when all you have to choose from is the evil of twoo lessers such as in the last say ten or soo Presidential elections. I can say with clear heart and mind That I PERSONALLY will no linger vote for the offered evil of two lessers, if they dont listen to US, we the people and offer only “Controled canidacy” so that there is no real choice, before I will cast a bad vote for a bad candidate, I will go to the write in spot and vote “No Confidence” rather than cast a vote for another anti American, pro world gov. Commie POS like Bush I, Bush II, Commie Clinton, or NOBAMA! We havent had a real PResident since Reagan and they threated him in to submission behind the scenes. I would rather vote for NO ONE than for some one I know has an agenda that goes against the Constitution and AGAINST AMERICA! Vote smart, support change (3rd party) and take America back, at the ballot box. It is our last chance to save our republic without putting boots on the ground! BUY MORE AMMO

  2. Will Says:

    Uncle, it might not be effective but it still needs to be done. We can’t just jump to our last line of defense on this issue. Once this is struck down by SCOTUS, we’ll move on to the next step. I predict states will start to form “militias” in which people can purchase their own surplus M16s from the states if they join the militia. The feds would have a hard time arguing the states can’t do that. If that’s struck down, we’ll try the next tactic, and so on.

  3. Tai Says:

    As a law student who is looking to go into Constitutional Law after graduating, I can tell you that you are quite wrong when you say that these state firearm freedom acts aren’t very useful. One of the things that the Supreme Court looks at when deciding a case is the way that laws in the nation are trending.
    When the Supreme Court overturned Louisiana’s death penalty for child rapists, it did so in large part because Louisiana is one of only two or three states that still held this penalty. Most had done away with it, reasoning that the death penalty only served to encourage the murder of a child after the fact, to keep the murderer from being identified.
    By the same token, the more states that pass these acts, the more the next Miller or Heller will tip in our favor.

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