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Parrots repeat

The president set up the presidential podium and teleprompters. To speak to a 6th grade class. Jon Stewart makes fun.

15 Responses to “Parrots repeat”

  1. Phelps Says:

    Am I the only one that gets a feeling that Jon gets it, and is getting tired of his own audience?

  2. SayUncle Says:

    He seems to be short of hopenchangen lately.

  3. Wolfwood Says:

    If I’m understanding this correctly, it was actually an elementary school classroom, as Fairfax County Public Schools (which, IIRC, includes the City of Falls Church) is K-6 for elementary and 7-8 for middle school.

  4. tgirsch Says:

    As is so often the case with such things, there’s no ‘there’ there.

  5. ATLien Says:

    did you see the set-up, pinko? it was a little ridiculous.

  6. SPQR Says:

    Sadly No’s whining is typical and sadly, does not address the fact that Obama can’t answer press questions, nor read a short puff statement, without a teleprompter.

    Frankly, that seesaw head movement he makes reading from the two teleprompter screens and pretending to be looking out over the vast audience has gotten old. Like the rest of his Empty Suit(tm) act.

  7. Sebastian-PGP Says:

    did you see the set-up, pinko? it was a little ridiculous.

    Did you read what tgirsch linked? Hint: it was you getting your asses handed to you for falling for yet another non-story. As usual…this sort of thing is bullshit.

    I feel your pain, really I do: for 8 years we had to listen to your guy talking about being the Decider we shouldn’t misunderestimate about whether our children is learning and seeing if he was gonna go noookyoulur on the Suiciders.

    It’s just sooooooo darn appealing to think that maybe that Obammy guy is just as bad at the English language as The Great Decider.

    There’s just one problem–he’s not. So fucking get over it.

    I got no great love for the guy, but what I do love is pointing out what stupidity it is trying to pretend that the guy doesn’t have a command of the English language. I just wish you righties would make up your minds–half the time he’s a silver tongued devil tricking us all into being socialists with his fancy talk, and the other half you’re sure he’s as much the illiterate dumbfuck that his predecessor was. You realllllllly think he’s as bad off as George “What’s a Shiite?” Dubya?

    Fucking come the fuck on. He may be bungling the politics on many important issues, but this angle you guys are taking is pathetic.

  8. straightarrow Says:

    I am always amused by the similarity between his poses and that of Benito Mussolini. Until now the most over-self-congratulatory ego-maniac in history.

  9. Kevin Baker Says:

    Srsly, a podium and two teleprompters for a press conference? He can’t handle a bunch of journalists without TOTUS?

  10. tgirsch Says:

    More or less what Seb-PGP said. The whole TOTUS canard is one of the stupidest in recent memory. As if Obama is the first president to use them, even frequently. And anybody who was ever a fan of W has zero standing to complain about overwrought stagecraft. When Obama rides in a fighter jet and lands on an aircraft carrier in the exceedingly dangerous San Diego theater, we can talk.

    Look, Obama has disappointed the hell out of me, but stuff like this is small potatoes. Really small. If I’m going to criticize the president, it’s going to be for his seeming unwillingness to fight for, well, anything, and for continuing to embrace the sort of Reaganomics that have destabilized the financial markets for the better part of thirty years.

  11. tgirsch Says:

    Besides, it’s not like the last guy never dragged his lectern to his events.

  12. ATLien Says:

    Oh yeah? Suck it:

  13. dave Says:

    “You realllllllly think he’s as bad off as George “What’s a Shiite?” Dubya?”

    I dunno, how many states did Dubya think we have?

  14. Sebastian-PGP Says:

    Well, he’d probably try to find out before invading those states. Cause after all you can compare somebody misspeaking to invading a country on the other side of the planet full of people who already distrust the West and getting us embroiled there for almost twice as long as World War 2 without first having a cursory knowledge of the factions living there and whether said factions might want to engage in civil war that might kill millions. Yeah, a gaffe like that is totally comparable to spending trillions on a futile war in the Middle East that creates millions of refugees, destabilizes a gigantic strategically sensitive region…it’s totally logical for you to compare a goofy verbal misstep to MUTHERFUCKING INVADING AN ARAB/KURDISH COUNTRY WITH THREE DISTINCT SECTS THAT DON’T LIKE EACH OTHER WITHOUT FIRST KNOWING THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A SHIITE AND A SUNNI.


  15. straightarrow Says:

    C’mon guys, cut Obama some slack. He was in a roomful of intellectual superiors, so he took steps to diminish their advantage. That’s called preparation. He must have been a Boy Scout.