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More stuff from SHOT

Magazines with a counter

A bunch of new stuff from Thompson

Dan Wesson 1911

Chiappa Rhino Revolvers

I was starting to wonder where the booth babe posts were this year. Here’s one.

4 Responses to “More stuff from SHOT”

  1. Chas Says:

    Say, Uncle, given your high level of expertise in these matters, just exactly what kind of tactical activity is that “booth babe” in black equipped for handling?

  2. Canthros Says:

    I kinda want a Chiappa, but that cutaway showing the internals is terrifying. I already own a Mateba, while I wouldn’t swear to this, I think it might actually be simpler.

  3. Linoge Says:

    What Canthros said, only minus the owning a Mateba.

    *sad face*

    The Tupperwear Judge may win out over that engineering monstrosity, especially given their relative prices…

  4. Ian Argent Says:

    Holy cow is that rhino some ugly. And to quote another blogger on a different weapon “When the radio told me Massachusetts had elected a Republican to replace Ted Kennedy, it was obvious I’d fallen into an alternate universe. I just had no idea that universe was Shadowrun. “. (Elmo Iscariot on, um , the S&W Bodyguard in .380 –