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Bren Ten and Ten MM

PDB not a fan of the Bren Ten. Or the round it shoots.

Tam not a fan of the gun either.

A buddy of mine was a 10MM fan boy long before it was cool to be one. He had a few Glocks and Delta Elites in them and went back and forth on gun choice. But he loaded his own so they were of the proper configuration. And they were painful to shoot. The off the shelf stuff doesn’t have the same oomph.

5 Responses to “Bren Ten and Ten MM”

  1. Tam Says:

    Oh, the cartridge is just fine, and there are plenty of good commercial loadings available for it if you’re willing to put in some effort to find them (Georgia Arms, Double Tap), but unless you hunt, which makes use of the slightly flatter-shooting nature of the round, it doesn’t really offer anything over the .45 and .40 to make up for the ammo hassles.

    (I’ve owned a Glock 29, Delta Elite, and S&W 610…)

    I was a big 10mm Auto fan, but it wore off.

  2. Mad Man Says:

    Yeah, gave up on 10mm years ago. As Tam says, it’s too much of a hassle to get the ammo (and expensive) if you don’t load your own. I’m sticking with .40S&W these days.

    Speaking of which, lovin’ the Glock, Uncle, but I need to pick up a holster and a few more clips. Let me know if you plan a run to Gunny’s soon.

  3. Hypnagogue Says:

    Ammo isn’t a problem: just swallow your pride and buy a 40s&w barrel to practice with. The 40 feeds fine from 10mm magazines, and if you reload you can long load for a safety margin. It’s not a good idea to practice with full house loads anyway.

    Conversion barrels for the Glocks are $115.

  4. Justthisguy Says:

    I believe the Anarchangel has a very nice custom piece which shoots the 10mm. It’s a 1911.

    Sorta like how they used to calculate battleship guns and armor; you need a projectile which will defeat something of your own size.

    According to his blog, his knees are paying for his size.

  5. SPQR Says:

    I sorta wish I could afford one. Mostly because I have memories of when Jim Zubiena showed up at a SWPL match with one of the original Bren Ten’s ( he had worked with Don Johnson and guested in a Miami Vice episode ).

    But I have no real use for one nor any interest in figuring out if they work ( unlike the original ).