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Wii and Netflix

Bitter tells us that you can use Netflix on the Wii to stream movies on your TeeVee. That is cool. We have netflix and love it. We get unlimited DVDs/BluRay each month and have the unlimited web download. We’ve been using an HDMI cable from a laptop to stream to our TeeVee.

10 Responses to “Wii and Netflix”

  1. Jeff the Baptist Says:

    We have had a Roku for a while and we really like it. Unfortunately the instant streaming choice on Netflix are a lot more limited than the DVD stuff. Lots of old TV shows, but not so many good movies and very few good recent movies or new releases.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    But tons (and i mean tons) of kids movies and shows. Our primary use for it.

  3. Scott Says:

    If your BluRay player isn’t your computer, there is some chance it will play Netflix instant, already…

  4. SayUncle Says:

    it will. i’ve just got to buy a gizmo to get the internet connection to it. you’d think bluray players would come with a wifi card?

  5. Jonathan Says:

    Mine did, it’s a PS3. Marginally more expensive, much more fun.

  6. nk Says:

    Been watching “Have Gun, Will Travel” for the last few days.

  7. Jeff the Baptist Says:

    “But tons (and i mean tons) of kids movies and shows. Our primary use for it.”

    Yes my wife has it for britcoms and playing catch up on stuff like Lost. Going to have to check out Have Gun, Will Travel.

  8. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Jeff, I’ve been noticing that Netflix has been beefing up their selection recently. I suspect before the Wii app launches it will be a different ballgame for online streaming.

    We stream through our Blue Ray player (ours didn’t have the Wi-Fi card either….new ones do, but it’s still cheaper the way we went)

    The wife and I have never had a Cable subscription of any sort. Overall we don’t miss it, but there are a few TV shows I enjoy watching when I’m in a hotel or at a friend’s.

    Now I can plop in front of the TV and watch shows like Future Weapons, Mythbusters, Pen And Teller’s Bullshit, as well as old ones (been watching a lot of Magnum PI)

    Soon I’ll be able to do it on the TV the Wii is attached to! AWESOME!

  9. Ryan Says:

    Netflix on the Wii is not available now but it is t expected in the Spring. You can already stream using the Xbox360 (built in) and the PS3 (disc required).

    The Xbox 360 streaming works very well. The PS3 streaming is watchable.

  10. Evyl Robot Says:

    DISCLAIMER: I’m not poo-pooing the Wii. I love my Wii, and my family has spent many happy hours focused on that thing since Christmas. With that said… My biggest problem with streaming movies on the Wii is the resolution limitations. Even if you hook up via the optional component cable, 480p is what it will do. if you stick with the stock cable, you’re stuck with 480i. Likewise, Dolby Pro Logic is as good as it gets on the Wii. There’s a lot of neat stuff the Wii does, just not as well as another, more purposed device would. Having said all that, streaming kids shows seems like an ideal application for this.