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Haslam goes hunting

Tennessee gubernatorial candidate Bill Haslam bought the wrong license thus violating state law:

As it turns out, he did not buy the most appropriate license of all under state law – the basic Tennessee hunting and fishing license that costs $27 – though he did purchase other permits that he did not need, according to Haslam’s account and TWRA records reviewed by the agency’s assistant commissioner, Nat Johnson.

After being contacted by a reporter, Haslam said he went back online to the TWRA website late Thursday and purchased the $27 basic license.

Given the apparent situation, Johnson said that – in accordance with normal TWRA procedure – the agency would “absolutely not” make any attempt to penalize Haslam with a fine.

Honest mistake, really. When I went dove hunting, I just went to the guy at the counter and said I was hunting dove and he printed off the two items I needed. Because there was no way I would have known which of the eleventy billion pieces of paper I needed. I hope Haslam takes away from this that gun owners and hunters in this state are unduly burdened with bureaucracy. And, if elected, me might do something about that.

5 Responses to “Haslam goes hunting”

  1. Robert Says:

    Hunting licenses have grown like any other bureaucratic output. Not even the state folks understand the Texas regs at this point, and the license itself is a mess.

  2. ghughes Says:

    Doesn’t mention if he bought the required federal duck stamp.

  3. Regolith Says:

    $27 for a combination license? That’s cheap. That’s about what we pay just for the hunting license…

  4. straightarrow Says:

    Seems a bit of a mild response when we know of people who have lost their guns, dogs, and cars/trucks for not having the proper license when hunting. I don’t recall any of them being forgiven if they would buy the license after the violation of the law.

    But, then, I don’t recall how many of the latter were in Bloomberg’s Illegal Mayors Against Guns.

  5. Ron W Says:

    When some politician begins to run for office who doesn’t really support the RIGHT to keep AND CARRY guns for self-defense, they go show hunting because they really think guns should only be kept carried when confined to a licensed activity.

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