Avatar – again

I said yesterday that the movie was Dances with Wolves in Outer Space. On facebook, I called it Dances With Giant Smurfs.

Turns out, it’s actually Pocahontas. In space.

Others agree that it’s Dances with Wolves. It could almost be A Man Called Horse in Outer Space except the giant smurfs aren’t that mean.

4 Responses to “Avatar – again”

  1. Murdoc says:

    My initial reaction was Dances with Wolves, but there’s lot of Disney’s Pocahontas in there, too. One of the cut scenes I was reading about is the buffalo hunt with drunken celebration scene from Dances with Wolves.

  2. DrWyrm says:

    Nah, it’s Fern Gully in space.

  3. James_Patrick says:

    according to “That Guy With The Glasses” its in fact all three!


    (Also “Smurphy Cats” is the best word he’s ever invented to describe something)