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AGP Magazines

Supposedly, she’s talking about magazines. I didn’t notice the magazines.

7 Responses to “AGP Magazines”

  1. workinwifdakids Says:

    It’s even more informative if you mute the sound before watching 😉

  2. Number9 Says:

    Her eyes are up there.

  3. M4Finny Says:

    Nice chisel grasp …. and her attention to detail when finding “a few good hard spots” (her words, not mine). Other than that, someone messed up, I couldn’t find the magazines either. I guess the mountains obstructed my view.

  4. treefroggy Says:

    Nice side-by-side. Choked ?

  5. Paul Says:

    Is it just me or does her cleavage get bigger and bigger as the video goes on?

  6. mariner Says:

    Perhaps we need a longer lesson.

  7. Skipelec Says:

    What was the name of the company again?
    Good marketing….if your selling bras.