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Unpossible irony

Changed their name from the Bullets due to gun violence concerns. So it’s a bit amusing that two NBA players drew guns on eachother over a gambling debt. In DC.

4 Responses to “Unpossible irony”

  1. RML Says:

    The Clash “Washington Bullets”

  2. Hartley Says:

    “Arenas claimed the gun was legally registered in Arizona” well, that’s a lie – Arizona doesn’t have any gun registration. He was probably thinking about his registering it on campus at UA.

  3. Robert Says:

    You know, it seems like it’s pretty obvious that a decent amount of pro athletes own/carry guns. Most of their trouble seems to be the result of ignorance and stupidity. Maybe the gun rights crowd should be reaching out and trying to help these dumb bastards.

    I mean, hell, what else can we do? Let them continue to make gun owners look like idiots?

  4. M4Finny Says:

    Well, I for one am not “reaching out” to high paid gang-bangers. I deal with the same people everyday “on the job”. The only difference is, the public pays big money to watch these thugs play a game originally meant to be played for fun.

    I regularly reach out to decent law-abiding young people and to Women who want to safely learn how to handle firearms for sport and self-defense. That, IMHO is where we need to continue our focus with regard to outreach.

    Let the courts deal with these jack-bags. Their hi-jinx aren’t making us look bad at all. They are not responsible, law-abiding gun owners in the first place & they don’t want anything to do with us or our civil shooting/firearms culture. They would rather take their cues from 50 cent and the other assholes that they worship.

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