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Another Pull Out

Cheaper Than Dirt reportedly to stop selling ammo to California due to recent ammo regulations. That includes government agencies.

Barrett and STI have also pulled out of California.

18 Responses to “Another Pull Out”

  1. RML Says:

    Impeach whoever signed the bill. Heh heh heh.

  2. FatWhiteMan Says:

    If all of the big dealers and manufacturers banded together, it would be a serious force. Too many want the government cash flow though….

  3. KCSteve Says:

    I do so wish more companies would follow Mr. Barrett’s example.

  4. workinwifdakids Says:

    Thank God! As a resident of the Golden State, I’ve long encouraged companies to choke out all California law enforcement agencies.

    Maybe when Governor Schwarzenegger’s personal security force is carrying bricks and AA Maglites, they’ll reconsider their let-them-eat-cake attitude.

  5. Spook45 Says:

    After six months, when they start EATING each other, they will reconcider that ammo ban. Personally I dont care if Cali has ammo, I kinda hope the fault line breaks and they fall into the Pacific.

  6. Chas Says:

    Markie Marxist sez: “Victory is ours! Now, on to Californicate the rest of America! Ha! Ha!”

  7. johnxavier Says:

    haven’t been on the site for awhile. who are we supporting for governor

  8. Jay Says:

    “I do so wish more companies would follow Mr. Barrett’s example.”

    100% agree.

  9. Pathfinder Says:

    I caught holy hell on another forum where I suggested a complete boycott of gun and gun stuff sales to kalifornia after Ahnuld signed the ammo bills – especially from one of the mods who lived in kal.

    My guess she was annoyed at not being able to buy gun stuff, missing the point she lived, paid taxes, paid for school, etc., and thereby supported the very state gummint that was trampling what few rights she had left.

    Boycott the hell out of kalifornia – no vacations, no purchases from kal companies, no sales to kal businesses. They will get the point, given as broke as they are.

  10. workinwifdakids Says:

    Turning your back on American citizens and our 2nd Amendment rights is the easy route, and I don’t blame any sunshine patriot for doing exactly that. On the other hand, if you want to help, please encourage firearms-related vendors to apply all CA law to CA government agencies.

    Follow Ronnie Barrett’s example! If there’s a .50BMG ban, no CA gov’t agent or agency can buy anything, or have anything serviced, from Barrett. If there’s a 10-capacity magazine limit for citizens, then vendors should flatly refuse to sell any magazine greater than 10 rounds to any CA law enforcement agent or agency.

  11. comatus Says:

    You don’t want Kali to collapse altogether (“You don’t want Kali to collapse”). Not unless you’re willing to man those agricultural roadblocks on Old 66 and make the decision on who gets to leave. There’s enough of them to californicate the rest of the country if they all get out at once. Sure, cut off their ammunition, slow down their subsidies — but an all-out boycott will require 1000 miles of chain-link, and some guard towers. Someone told me they don’t have water there. Can this be true?

  12. straightarrow Says:

    At this time the only state truly secure from Californication is Arizona. They have that agricultural thing going on. Not many Californios can pass the fruit and nut inspection at the border.

    Oh, and YES I want Ca. to totally collapse. Completely and utterly collapse, I want it to become incapable of sustaining human life. That object lesson would do more to win our argument with liberals about overbearing government than all the logic and examples of failures of limited extent (as we now have) than anything we could ever get them to accept through intellectual exchange. So, YES I want Ca. to collapse.

    However, my reasons for that desire are the very reasons Ca.will not be allowed to collapse. The overbearing government we now endure cannot afford for the lesson to become so undeniable. So, they will simply take the productive results of others in other states to bolster the failed Ca.

  13. Armeggedon Rex Says:

    As a hopefully soon to be expatriate of the Peoples Republic of KKKalifornia, I regret to inform the readership here that the much hated home of the Governator is a net contributor to the U.S. economy and tax base. That is, for every federal tax dollar sent from KKKalifornia to the District of Criminals (D.C.), KKKalifornia only gets back 92 cents in federal program spending, political pork, military spending, etc. KKKalifornia’s tax base is subsidizing federal spending, i.e. PORK in New Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, and Virginia just to name the four most gratuitously piggy recipients of KKKalifornia tax dollars. The only one that gets a pass from me is Alaska, which contributes to the overall security, wealth, and economic well being of our republic by sending lots of petroleum south! As a side topic, WTF is in New Mexico sucking up all those federal tax dollars? This covered the period from 1983-2005, and is from this website:

    I make no claim as to the veracity or bias of the site or figures, and yes I know about lies, damned lies and statistics. Still it’s sad to see so many of my liberty loving fellow gunnies willing to concede so many fellow citizens access to their G-d given rights! I personally hope for full incorporation of the 2nd through the courts. Until then, or my self-imposed exile to a red state, I’ll drive to Nevada and pay cash for my ammo!

  14. JD Says:

    Armeggedon Rex Says:
    January 2nd, 2010 at 5:14 pm
    “The only one that gets a pass from me is Alaska, which contributes to the overall security, wealth, and economic well being of our republic by sending lots of petroleum south! ”

    In that case Rex, you’d better add my home base of North Dakota to your list of “the only one that gets a pass”.
    I have liberty loving relatives in kalifornia so I know what kind of pain you’re dealing with, sorry.

  15. divemedic Says:

    Those numbers on that link cannot be correct. Looking at “Table 4: Total Expenditures by State” shows that the entire United States received $1.01 for each dollar collected in taxes. According to the OMB, the Government took in $2.04 trillion in taxes during FY2005, and spent $2.4 trillion. That means that $1.18 was spent for every dollar collected.

  16. Mike Says:

    How is this good? This is exactly what those in power want to have happen.

  17. straightarrow Says:

    Well Rex, Ca. has been on this course for a very long time. The people of Ca. have faithfully supported it, reelected the people that codified it, and willingly submit to it. Sorry, about your opinion of those like me, but I do not feel a kinship, brotherhood, nor sense of nation with the residents of Ca. They left me a long time ago.

  18. Seven_Sicks_Two Says:

    I understand that companies wish to take a stand on our oppressive gun/ammo laws out here in California. However, it irks me that people want all of “KKKalifornia/People’s Republic of Kalifornia/etc.” to fall into the ocean or completely collapse. Many of us do not support the laws that are imposed on us and packing up and moving away from friends, families and jobs can be quite daunting. As a life-long shooter and resident of California, I assure you that we are all not latte-sipping liberals.
    Instead of imposing an outright boycott of all things Californian, why don’t 2A supporters around the country rally behind us? Im sure folks out there that are smarter than me could figure out ways to help us out. It really makes me angry that the rest of the country just says that we, “got what we deserved” or something similar everytime a new law takes effect out here. If it were happening anywhere but here, I doubt folks would be cheerleading the loss our Constitutional rights.

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