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An account

Big box store security guard tries to disarm law-abiding permit holder.

Another reason why Open Carry is not something I do.

53 Responses to “An account”

  1. M4Finny Says:

    Getting pretty intense ….. glad no one here carries a firearm on a regular basis (CCW or OC) …. : ) *humor*

    Lighten up everyone (*including me) – we’re all friends here.

  2. straightarrow Says:

    No Ninja here, either, but people can and do get knocked out cold. Sometimes by the punch, as often as not, by the floor or hard surface the head bounces off of. The punch you don’t see can knock you out even if it is far less powerful than others you have been hit with. The punch that hits you in the temple area and moves your head to the side can do it. That’s why left hooks are a boxer’s “knockout punch”. The side to side slamming of the brain is less endurable than a forward and back . That’s just the way it is.

    As far as “scrapes” go, I can remember some that to this day will start my adrenaline flowing just from the memory. So, take that into account when you decide whether he was lying, bragging or just excited as it was so recent.

    I didn’t find a damn thing he said to be unbelievable. Except for the guy trying to take his gun, it seemed pretty mild to me.

  3. LP in VA Says:

    I’m glad I live in Virginia! All sorts of things would happen… first of all, obvious assault charges on the idiot guarding the front door. Second, I’m not a lawyer but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express and, I think “contributory negligence” would fall into this case and protect one from suit by said idiot. Finally, you would have a pretty easy law suit on the big box here in VA, real cops are successfully sued for less than that a couple times a year and I can only imagine what you could get from the big box store.

    With the General Assembly poised to pass all sorts of new pro-gun and pro-carry laws, Virginia is THE place to live for the OC and CC citizen!

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