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tips for a training class

At SWAT Magazine. Via the Duck, who has more.

One Response to “tips for a training class”

  1. Homer Says:

    Part of prep is making sure you have complete and clear info from whomever is putting on the class, to include a syllabus and schedule of events/drills, etc. so you can arrange gear to suit. I took a required two-day course where the instructor had sent out only a very basic course outline and didn’t respond to emails or voice mails requesting specific info; I had 24 full-loaded mags in the bag and had to unload 12 because the first set of drills was 1-,2- and 3-round “engage, shoot dry and reload”. The two security students who showed up with revolvers, and only 3 speed loaders each, were at a decided learning disadvantage on the longer drills which could have been avoided if the instructor had provided a clear description of course details.

    Oh, and label or mark your mags. If we’re both shooting G17s your mags look like mine and vice-versa. At the end of a drill that consumes 6 mags, 8 shooters with 17s generates quite a pile of look-alike mags. I know I cleaned and inspected mine yesterday but I don’t have a clue about yours.

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