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Mayors Against Guns Sooper Seekrit Plan

It’s not a secret anymore. Seems some pro-rights activists got a hold of it. Quite a wish list they have there, including such gems as RealID for gun purchases and enhanced record keeping by FFLs.

In the past, gun control group like the Brady Campaign and the Violence Policy Center have been, frankly, jokes. Oh, sure, the Bradys got a couple of bills passed when one president decided to take on the gun lobby. And that didn’t work out. But mostly, both groups have been utterly ineffective. But Bloomberg’s group has money, time, and the city of New York’s money to throw at your rights.

As can be seen in that document, the folks at MAIG actually know gun laws and how ATF works. They’re not stupid and it’s clear they’ve done their homework.

You need to go read that to see what we’re up against.

2 Responses to “Mayors Against Guns Sooper Seekrit Plan”

  1. straightarrow Says:

    Dammit! Did it again. But I left before panic abounded, I think.

  2. Sebastian Says:

    I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach around noonish. I thought maybe it was just that it was time for lunch. But now I know.

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