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Safe Storage

Universities in Colorado store guns for students.

8 Responses to “Safe Storage”

  1. Davidwhitewolf Says:

    Same in California. When I was at UC Davis Law School and lived on-campus my first year, I had to store my J-frame Smith at the campus police department. They also gave me a campus weapons permit, with photo and everything — but all it was good for was preventing you from being locked up if you were pulled over between the time you left the PD with your weapon and the time you exited campus jurisdiction.

  2. Patrick Says:

    Virginia Tech also has a weapon storage program with the on campus police department. I’ve never stored any of my firearms there because other students using the program reported their firearms got banged up in the cramped locker they use. Plus after all that happened there I didn’t think storing a “scary black rifle” with the campus police would be a good idea.

  3. Weer'd Beard Says:

    I’d imagine most schools have this. Same goes for Umaine. Knew a lot of guys who’d knock off class for the day, stop by campus safety for their deer gun and head out to the woods.

  4. Pete Says:

    Michigan Tech, Northern Michigan, and Michigan State all offer this service. Tech and Northern do it inside the dorm, State does it at the police station since they have a vault there.

    All three also have shooting ranges on campus I believe.

  5. comatus Says:

    That’s all well and good, but what about…zombies?

    In 1971, a small group of self-identified Black Panthers broke the padlock on the ROTC rifle cage in the basement of Hayes Hall at Bowling Green State in Ohio. After-action reports indicated that they were nonplussed at obtaining only single-shot target smallbores, but a gunfight with police ensued nevertheless. Bowling Green has the unique charm of a sizeable cemetery in the middle of campus (it was the edge back then), and the headstone ricochets were impressive. The uprising failed to incite widespread revolt, but it was the end of the rifle program. You might say the terrorists won.

  6. Fred Says:

    University of Wisconsin Stevens Point also has an armory available for students located in the police/security office. Lots of duck guns and deer guns and bows.

  7. Fred Says:

    Little expansion on ours, the weapons are all stored in a locked room, and in separate lockers that the student only has the key for. (The department only maintains the key for the room, if they loose their key for the locker, the lock must be cut).
    The only information asked is the type of item, serial number, and description, only for insurance reasons. There is no background check for the students, it’s pretty much assumed that if you’re willing to store your firearm essentially at a police station, you probably can legally own it.

  8. DartmouthGrad Says:

    My first year as a grad student at Dartmouth I lived in the dorms, where guns were verboten. Fortunately we had a campus arsenal in the Safety and Security (campus police) building. The school required us to store our guns in the arsenal regardless of whether you lived on or off campus.

    Personally-owned handguns were banned from the arsenal except by special permission of the campus proctor. When I told the safety and security guys about my situation, they had me draft a letter containing my reasons why I wanted an exemption. I said that I was an NRA instructor and a USPSA competitor so I needed my handguns, and fortunately I was granted permission. I spoke to the S&S guys and they said that I was only the second student to actually ask for permission since the policy was enacted (a very long time ago) and the first student never actually stored any handguns.

    Where the story begins to get weird is that I started making noise about starting a gun club for the graduate program and teaching more novices to shoot. I rechecked the campus weapons policy to make sure that what I was proposing was acceptable…however re-reading the policy it just said that ‘handguns are prohibited’, with no mention of any ‘special permission’.

    Trying to make sure I wasn’t going crazy, I used to check the policy again… sure enough they changed the policy to remove ALL mention of special permission. Were they afraid that one outspoken student would cause more students to want to own handguns at Dartmouth? I really have no idea.

    I had a good relationship with the folks in S&S, I had a bunch of AR-15 parts shipped to the S&S office and I built an AR-15 up from a stripped lower in their spare conference room. One of them used to be a big-city cop and couldn’t believe that a mere “civilian” wanted to own something that crazy.

    In my two years there I took about eighty of my classmates to the range and taught them the basics of rifle, pistol and shotgun, creating several new gun enthusiasts in the process. Also, I organized a group buy of AR-15 lowers, in the process creating 3 new gun owners. I even hooked up the maintenance guy in our building (a serious hunter) with my FFL friend who sold him an AR.

    Good times.