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Man pleads guilty to possessing a Vulcan. In NJ. So, if you have the proper paperwork (forged), the Navy will let you walk out with a minigun?

11 Responses to “Huh?”

  1. Slawson Says:

    I think as parts are replaced in the supply system with the old ones being declared obsolete, the count of parts is slack. So if your shop had spares of the parts that are generally controlled, you could order the rest and make off with them to build your whole gun at home. Well, as a person coded on that weapon that’s how I would have done it. What I can’t figure out is why someone would go to such trouble. 20mm ammo is pretty impossible to get and very spendy even if you could find it.

  2. Sailorcurt Says:

    My take based on Navy experience and not inside information:

    This seems to have happened right as the last of the F-14’s were being decommissioned.

    The guy who forged the paperwork and gave the gun to the suspect worked in “demilitarization” which is the area where surplus military gear is destroyed or disabled so that it can no longer be used for military purposes.

    The paperwork he forged was probably something certifying that this particular gun had been demilitarized (disabled) and then authorizing a transfer, thus taking it off the books. That would probably be a bit unusual considering the type of item involved, but not unheard of, especially since the paperwork seems to have come from the proper department.

    The Navy (and other branches of the military) supply demilitarized parts for static displays, museums, props, training aids, etc all the time. If he had the proper paperwork, why WOULDN’T they have let him leave with it?

    I’d be interested in hearing how they caught them, but the article doesn’t say.

  3. Kristopher Says:

    Vulcan practice rounds are about $20 a pop these days … affordable compared to, say, a Lahti.

  4. Mikee Says:

    For a second there, I thought interplanetary tech transfer had really gotten a boost recently…

  5. Old Doctor Weasel Says:

    @ Kristopher
    I can imagine Christine Lahti being expensive. She seems to get better and better as she ages.

    Or did you mean the Lathi anti tank gun? I think I’ll take Christine.

  6. Roger Seitz Says:

    Ooohhh boy a 20mm Vulcan. Been around them when they have been fired from aircraft and seen the target area during the “burst”. A bit expensive to fire, but, as much fun as a man can have with or without his pants on. A very unique sound too. I almost miss my months at Eglin.


  7. CMathews Says:

    I’ll take a GAU-8…. Just need to wait till they demil an A-10 squad and make some buddies. My manager was a Sarge in the Corps and his neighbor on base worked in the armory. He had been stealing “broken” parts and hiding them under his house. One night the ATF and some .mil guys raided his house. I’m sure he’ll never get out of that one by any pencil whippin lawyer.

  8. SteveA Says:

    Hehe, heres a 20mm rifle :
    Check out the 2nd picture wher it makes a .50bmg look small & the 3rd picture showing how big it is.

  9. Tam Says:

    An M61 Vulcan is a pretty serious piece of ordnance; it is big enough that the little .308 gatlings were called “Miniguns” in much the same way that little archvillains are called “MiniMes”.

    According to Wikipedia, this guy made off with a 6′ long, 250lb piece of ordnance; that’s not something you just throw in your trunk after showing your boss a piece of bogus paperwork…

  10. Sailorcurt Says:

    that’s not something you just throw in your trunk after showing your boss a piece of bogus paperwork…

    True…but with the right paperwork, you can drive a Tractor Trailer onto and off of a military base.

    Heck, with the right paperwork, you could have the thing shipped to you at government expense.

    When you have inside help, it can be pretty amazing what can be pulled off.

  11. M4Finny Says:

    Oh, it was just a machine gun? I thought that he was in possession of an undocumented Vulcan, like as in one of Spock’s relatives. “Fascinating”.

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