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More hidey holes

Mentioned the picture frame that held an AR yesterday. Another option is the hide a gun, which has pistol and rifle variants.

4 Responses to “More hidey holes”

  1. Sailorcurt Says:

    Those would be great for hiding them from someone who isn’t really thinking about it.

    The problem is that to someone observant and looking for “hidden treasures” (like, say, a thief or jackbooted thug) it’s obvious that the frame is too thick for the picture inside it and that, with the picture out near the surface, rather than recessed at the back like with most frames, there is obviously a space behind it.

    Better would be something recessed into the wall and then covered with a hinged, perfectly normal looking picture frame.

    Granted, it would be much more difficult (although not beyond the abilities of anyone who can do basic carpentry and plaster/drywall work) to implement, and you wouldn’t be able to move it around if you redecorated, but would be much better concealment.

  2. Rustmeister Says:

    I’ve seen a wall clock that opens up (can’t remember where). It can hold a pistol or two.

  3. Mu Says:

    The problem with all these contraptions is, they don’t stop unauthorized access. The reason my guns are locked up is not that thugs can’t steal them (that’s what insurance is for) but so that kids can’t kill themselves or others with them.
    What I’d buy in a heartbeat is a piece of artwork with an inconspicuous finger print reader and a hidden safe behind it.

  4. Laughingdog Says:

    Another problem with both of these is that, even if they did blend in with other pictures better, I would be surprised if thieves didn’t look behind pictures when robbing a place.

    In a world where every safe in a movie is hidden behind a picture, I would say that hiding things behind a picture is right up there with hiding a house key over your door frame or under a rock near the door.