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Bill of Rights Day Second Amendment Book Sale

Tomorrow, on Bill of Rights Day, David E. Young tells us his books, The Origin of the Second Amendment and The Founders’ View of the Right to Bear Arms: A Definitive History of the Second Amendment, will be on sale.

2 Responses to “Bill of Rights Day Second Amendment Book Sale”

  1. Ron W Says:

    Bill of Rights Day, Dec 15, should be one of the few National Holidays after July 4, Independence Day, and April 19, the true Patriot’s Day when the American Revolution was initiated by the government’s attempt at gun confiscation in 1775.

    Instead the Bill fo Rights Day is ignored and suppressed by officialdom as is Patriot’s Day which has been hi-jacked to Sept 11. That is probably a strong signal that the ruling elites actually despise the Bill of Rights and the principles of the Amercan Revolution!

  2. David E. Young Says:

    Just for the record, the Bill of Rights Day sale on my Second Amendment books is not limited to sales on December 15th, but is actually an ongoing event for a limited time.

    Thank you for the mention and links here at Say Uncle.

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