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Misnamed Lautenberg PROTECT Act

A bill has been introduced to keep NICS records for 10 years if you’re on a terror watchlist and six months for regular folks. You, of course, have no way to know if you’re on the list and, if you found out, probably couldn’t appeal it. And the info would be wrong anyway. Looks more like a backdoor registry attempt to me with very little benefit.

Gun control: what we do instead of something.

3 Responses to “Misnamed Lautenberg PROTECT Act”

  1. AJ187 Says:

    I wish there was a way to keep these bills from being introduced with this type of vernacular. It really pisses me off how contradictory they are. They should all require numbers or simple letters or something.

  2. We are Heckler and Koch and we hate you. Says:

    Not a backdoor registry attempt, its straight up registry.

  3. Xrlq Says:

    Not completely misnamed. It really is sponsored by Frank Lautenberg, and if enacted, it really will be an act. Two out of three ain’t bad!