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Two for the price of one

The Sig 250 comes with a full size and compact frame.

3 Responses to “Two for the price of one”

  1. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Good marketing move to sell a gun that was likely designed for places that have rampant gun rationing, in free-state USA.

    Overall I think it’s a great idea, as when somebody says “What should my first gun be?”

    If they want a handgun what do I recommend?

    .22 for cheap training?
    full-size gun for Home Defense and comfortable range use?
    Light compact gun for conceal carry, but lacking in the other departments?

    With this package you can have the last two. Throw in a Sig Mosquito and you can have it all!

  2. Gun Blobber Says:

    Actually it looks like it’s an extra frame, slide, and barrel. Pretty much everything except the inner FCG “receiver” part that counts as the gun for 4473 purposes.

    Weer’d, nice thought. I’m surprised SIG hasn’t come out with a .22LR conversion kit for the 250 yet…. they’re available for most models in the 22X line. Should be pretty easy to adapt to the 250. If/when they do it, it would obviate the need for the Mosquito. (Which, BTW, I would not recommend to anybody. Horrible trigger, very sensitive to ammo. I sold mine and look forward to owning a 226 .22LR conversion kit in the near future.)

  3. Mik Says:

    with night sights on both….

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