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More on the restaurant suit

Legislators already saying they’ll fix it. I dunno. Doesn’t look like it would stand a court challenge to me. But I’m no lawyer.

And Rich notes the judge appears clueless.

3 Responses to “More on the restaurant suit”

  1. rickn8or Says:

    What gorram difference does it make if a CHL holder is in a bar or a restaurant with a handgun if they’re not drinking?
    We proved that we can carry into convenience stores and grocery stores and walk up to the beer cooler without an uncontrollable chain reaction taking place, so what’s the problem? I mean, you trust me at Mickey D’s, but not at Macaroni Grille??
    And just how many restaurants got shot up by CHL holders from 14 July until now?

  2. Walter Says:

    Rick, the problem is, you’re making sensible arguments. Those particular reason-based discussions are meaningless, unfortunately. It’s pathetic.

  3. rickn8or Says:

    Silly me to think that REASON was more powerful than EMOTION.